Sandeep Kumar

I am a very simple person with attitude to complete my tasks which provide by my seniors. Instead of this, i love singing and to listening all kind of music. I am a firm believer of the fact that any work, including the work of web designer is a team work and must be taken up together. I like to work in team spirit. Even after having complete knowledge about my work, I am open minded and like to work as a team member. At Social Triangle, whereas I also lend a helping hand to all my colleagues. I always try to understand the requirement of the project and also try to interpret it in the best possible way so that I can provide the company’s client what they want.
I as the user of the web understand that a good website has to be both simple and attractive. While making any website, I keep myself in place of the user and try to construct a website which is easy to use. I keep studying the designs of various websites and create websites, which can be used by maximum number of people.

Working as a web designer over the years, I have gained proficiency in
• Designing templates and layout for websites understanding the requirements of the site.
• Developing code using HTML5, PHP, JQUERY, JAVASCRIPT and CSS3 style sheets.