Rohit Guglani

Rohit is very passionate about understanding what makes customers buy, share and recommend products.


Rohit has spent 14+ momentous years in sales and marketing products with one of the leading pharmaceutical company of the world, GlaxoSmithkline Pharmaceuticals Ltd, understanding and applying the nuances of consumer behavior in developing the strategies to market products.


Entrepreneurial skills were reflected right from the word go in the career of Rohit, he did his work with complete ownership and accountability and innovation was always the key for him which brought him recognition as the youngest Area Business Manager at GSK in the year 2005. Throughout his career with GSK, Rohit never hesitated to explore the different consumer behaviors in different parts of the country starting from Haryana in North to Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka in south and ended his wonderful journey with GSK at the heart of business island, Mumbai.


Rohit’s deep rooted desire to create something of his own and generate employment for talented people around him led him to leave his growth prospects with GSK. Today his firm Social Triangle, which provides complete business solution by focusing on Integrated marketing communications, recruits from a wide base of talent comprising of Journalists, photographers, graphic designers, web developers, copywriters, content writers, sales and marketing professionals for their in house projects like and along with third party brands.