About Us

It’s very common today to come across marketers offering business proposals to make your brands/businesses more visible on social media platforms like facebook, twitter, instagram etc. with an objective of widening the customer base. It surely feels great imagining one’s brand reaching to more customers and sales multiplying by many folds.

At Social Triangle, we believe that a deep understanding needs to go behind any promotional activity before you as a Business owner decide to spend even a single rupee on it.

In any form of business at a given point of time there would always be customers at different stages of buying cycle.

Business activities play a vital role in each and every step of Buying or Decision cycle. A marketer with his timely and effective strategies can assist business owners like you in advancing the customers in the Buying cycle. Therefore, it becomes imperative for a marketer to think and plan for these customers in different stages simultaneously.

For Example: While trying to create awareness for a Brand at Awareness level of buying cycle, one cannot afford to miss out an opportunity to transform a recent Purchaser into a Loyalist.